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Endurox R4® vs. Recoverite®

Fuel for Thought

• Contains 40 grams of sugar (77% of its total carbohydrate makeup) in the from of dextrose, fructose, and sucrose

• Contains citric acid

• Contains whey protein concentrate (WPC), which is usually comprised of a maximum of 70%-80% protein, leaving a fair percentage in the form of lactose and fat

• Contains soy protein isolate, which is not considered the best protein source for post-exercise recovery

• Contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier

• Contains 1.5 grams of fat and 20mg of cholesterol

• Contains only 3 grams of naturally occuring sugars (9% of its total carbohydrate makeup)

• Does not contain citric acid

• Contains only whey protein isolate (WPI), a purer form of whey with up to 97% protein and less lactose and fat than WPC. The whey protein isolate in Recoverite comes from grass-fed cows and is hormone free and antibiotic free

• Contains sumflower lecithin as an emulsifier, making it acceptable for consumption by those who are soy intolerant


You read labels at the grocery store, and you should do the same when it comes to sports nutrition. What you consume before, during, and after exercise is just as important as what’s on the dinner table. Skip the simple sugars, excess sodium, and questionable additives found in other products. With Hammer Nutrition you can rest assured you are putting only the finest endurance fuels and supplements into your body. Fuel Right, Feel Great!®

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